A Review Of Four Art Shows

In November you may recall I had four art shows! 

We were off to Pancakes and Booze in Dallas, then Houston, a culture Hip Hop celebration show, and a Teeny Tiny Show.

It was the most amazing month! 

I did a recap of the shows and how it all went via my YouTube Vlog here:

And then two months flew by. 

Artist Self-Therapy Session: 

It’s wild but for most of December and the early part of January, I was really struggling to figure out what was next, and then just like that, a whole new series is upon me. This next direction has tapped into my love for art and photography (what…since when do you even like photography - LOL, just cause I don’t say it out loud doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it). I"m taking pics, I'm gathering pics, I'm asking for pics. But to be clear, I’m not just taking pics to take pics (because they really do help me remember) - it’s more about the documentation of a moment in time for me. This series has done just that for me. 

Reconnecting A Moment In Time

This series has really allowed me to tap into who I think I used to be or perhaps who I was. It def includes some sexual nostalgia, sensuality, and a reminder of who I was before kids, work, and just the struggle of life. I’m accepting pics from others who feel empowered to share. That’s my artistic way of saying, send nudes! LOL. No really. Incorporating my love for abstracts, texture, and now utilizing these photographed moments has truly been a fun exploratory process and that’s what I’m here for. Below is a look at one of the first creatives titled It's A Bad Habit titled after Steve Lacy's amazing song.

Send Nudes

The collection has since been titled: Send Nudes | A Caulk & Collage Series celebrates all things sexuality, the nostalgia of what was, and the individual subject's interpretation of what is sexy. The photo poetry series (ya'll know I love some words) combines black and white gel medium photo and poster transfers with textured abstract contributions utilizing caulk. The self-taken photographs (aks: selfies) and creative titles are all pulled from song lyrics, collaborated with the subject’s mood and vibe in mind when they felt their sexiest. 

I plan to continue to explore this series and challenge my new photo-transfer skills. 

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January 2023