It’s been a minute! Ya girl has been busy and then the holidays snuck up on me! I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!?

In November you may recall I had four art shows! It was the most amazing month! I did a recap of the shows and how it all went here via my YouTube VLog.

And then how it became FEBRUARY! Yeah. It’s wild but for most of December and the early part of January, I was really struggling to figure out what was next and then just like that, a whole new series is upon me.

This next direction has tapped into my love for art and photography (what…since when do you even like photography - LOL, just cause I don’t say it out loud doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it). I’m not just taking pics (because they really do help me remember) but it’s more about the documentation of a moment in time for me. This series also includes some sexual nostalgia, sensuality, and I’m accepting pics from others who feel empowered to share. That’s my artistic way of saying, send nudes! LOL. No really. Incorporating my love for abstracts, texture, and now utilizing those photographed moments has truly been a fun exploratory process and that’s what I’m here for. Below is a look at one of the first creatives.


That’s it for now! I’m submitting for more exhibitions here and there - trying to get in where I fit in and aside from that, just creating what feels right.

Thank you again for being here! If you're not a subscriber, let's connect.

Until next time,