Happy Women’s History Month! 

This month I had intended to share a Mistress each day in an ode to their story and the meaning behind the series…for those who are new to the Mistress Collection:

About The Mistress Series

The Mistress series embarks on the strength, sensuality, and sexy silhouette of the female form utilizing caulk to give each her linear shape and formidable physique. Each mistress tells her own story over a variety of canvas color selections, designs, textures, and compositions. Each is numbered specifically to tie into the series. The series will conclude at 100 - combining both visual and digital contributions.

AND… the way things turned out is not at all how I planned it. LOL. 

That’s just how things go. I’ve been engulfed by my new collage creatives and I’m not mad at it but it has caused me to pivot on where I wanted to be with my Mistress Series. That’s ok. There’s no rush. If I have learned anything about these formidable women is they are patient.

In honor of Women’s History Month

I wanted to make some of the smaller mistress creatives available to my subscribers at a substantially discounted rate. I only have a limited few still available, but the idea here is to be able to share in the collecting of original pieces before the body of work evolves.

The next set of Mistress creatives will be on significantly larger canvases and far more complex in their composition, which also means their prices will increase and, ideally, their value will appreciate as well.

My intention for this series is to stop at 100 and we are already halfway there! So if you have ever wanted or thought about owning a Mistress, now is the time to snatch one up! These small 10”x8” creatives are perfect for those little reading nooks, powder rooms, and intimate corners that you love.

Below are the few that are still available and reduced for subscribers. Click images for additional details (note: if they are all gone, it's because they are all gone):


That’s it for now! Once again, thank you for supporting me. If you're reading this late, make sure you're a subscriber! You can sign up and get these little updates in your inbox here.

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March 2023