Multisensory Exhibit in Houston 

Starting Friday, July 21st, I’ll have some very different art on display as part of my first-ever multi-sensory exhibition, curated by Begin My Movement. The exhibition consists of 30 artists from all over the world and will take place at the Alta Arts Gallery in Houston, TX. 

What is Multi-Sensory Art?

The exhibition includes sensory art and tables that incorporate touch, sound, smell, and visual aspects, basically art that is appealing to ALL the senses or as many as we can apply!

I’m honored to be a part of this show and the opportunity to bring artistic experiences to autistic, blind, def, and multi-handicapped children and adults. Please note this exhibition is open to ALL (you don't have to be def, blind...etc to enjoy the experience) and will be on display until August 5th

After the 5th, the exhibition is scheduled to move all year across the United States to various hospitals and galleries! 

Barbie Abuse

My contributions include three caulk creative pieces from the Midnight Marauder collection and a forever-evolving sensory table. The table took a little bit of a turn from my original vision due to a difference in "interpretation" between myself and the curator.  While I struggled with the change in direction (at the last minute mind you) for a few days, I adapted and did what I had to do to get it done I'm ok with how everything came out but can't say that it's truly a reflection of me, my art, or what I would normally do. It was truly a challenge from what I normally create and (now) I'm glad I pushed through. I almost gave up, ya'll! I spent so much time working on these Barbies that I had intended to have climbing all over this table and the exhibit. But that didn't work out, because they're just too damn sexy, so we went with the cars. A very "toy like" table, if you will. If you missed all my crybaby social media posts, you can view the original concept ideas that included the Midnight Marauders, and some spray-painted Barbies here and here. But, all is not lost. I am determined to use these lovely ladies...somewhere. 

On Display For This Exhibit

I honestly don't want to share too much in hopes that you'll come out to see, touch, feel, smell, and experience all the art but I understand that schedules can sometimes get in the way. So, below is a little bit of a sneak peek of how the table came together in the garage. 

Yeah, the garage was like 100 degrees out there but we do what we gotta do for the arts. 

The Alta Arts Gallery 

If you have a chance, please stop by! The Alta Arts is a beautiful facility.  The Alta Arts Gallery is located at 5412 Ashbrook Drive, Houston TX 77081. Click here for more information on exhibition hours and private or group tour info.  

PaperCity ran a lil write-up on the exhibition, which you can see here

Thanks for reading! Wanna hear more about this exhibit and all that was going down in July? Check out my vLog post here

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July 2023