An Experimental Journey of Obstinance

Creating textured artworks with caulk began as an experimental journey to explore my neglected cultural and domesticated identities. The nontraditional medium is an industrial, and far more obstinate, material than traditional acrylic products, reconnecting me with ambitious emotions of endurance and sacrifice. I thrive in the struggle, the determination, and the persistence that pressing and sculpting with caulk provides. The porous material draws out the ambiguity of privileged creating, awarding the viewer with dramatic relief and multi-level linear experiences. 

Caulk has challenged me to incorporate and try other mediums including collaging and assemblage practices.  Collaging and assemblage allow me to collect objects that represent and honor my cultures

These objects become memories, history, a sense of nostalgia, and a form of documentation. 

To take care of these objects is to reminisce and to blend them is to preserve their memory